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3 Apps To Spice Up Your Love Life

Aesha Adams-Roberts

These days, it seems there's an app for everything!  I've got apps for meal planning, making to-do lists & keeping my kids busy, to name a few. I've recently discovered that there are apps to spice up your love life! Whether you're trying to find the love of your life, you feel stuck in a date night rut, or you need fun ways to stay connected to your spouse in the midst of a busy life, these 3 apps may be your solution. Think of them as a date night in your pocket!  

1) At First Sight

Too busy to find love? Jaded by online dating? There's an app for that! Many popular online dating sites have developed apps that help you check in on your profile on-the-go. Those are great, but there are some hot, new apps that take online dating to another level. I spent some time exploring an app called At First Sight. It was developed by Chris Harrison, the creator of The Bachelor reality TV show. It's different from other online dating sites because users search videos instead of written profiles. I like this idea because video captures body language, intonation & eye contact in a way the written word can't. You can tell fairly quickly if you're interested in someone–no hiding behind old profile pictures! The site is still growing, so don't expect millions of users just yet, but the concept looks promising. 

2) How About We (& How About We For Couples)

This is an innovative dating app for singles looking for love AND couples who have already found it. Singles are matched by date ideas. For example, somone says, "How About We Go Horseback Riding". If that sounds like fun, you'll make it a date!  The site for couples offers free & discounted dates in your city. It's a perfect way to get out of that dinner & a movie rut. Oh, and don't worry about a babysitter: they've got a feature to help you find one! Just check to see if How About We is available in your city. 

3) Avocado

This is a fun little app for couples! Once you download it to your smartphone, you invite your "boo" to join. Once they accept you can share a calendar (no more "I forgot our anniversary!" excuses), create & share lists (perfect for grocery shopping), and best of all, flirt! The app lets you upload and send pictures and send hugs and kisses by tapping the screen. It's perfect for busy couples who want to stay connected.  

What's your favorite app to use to find and keep the love of your life?  Let me know in a comment below!