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The Internet is going CRAZY over Isa Rae’s hit TV show, Insecure (HBO).  So many of you have written me because the relationship drama between the characters Isa, Lawrence and Tasha, has triggered toxic memories of situations with men you’d rather forget.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a quick run down:

Isa and Lawrence lived together for 5 years. He basically sat on the couch, most likely due to depression because his business launch failed. He emotionally abandoned the relationship, forgetting Isa’s birthday, and not really being available other than Netflix and Chill date nights.

Isa, the passive-aggressive, avoidant personality she is, has a one-night stand with another man and it leads to a messy, heartbreaking breakup between her and Lawrence, with Lawrence running to the arms of Tasha, a sister who stroked his ego and flirted with him while he was booed up with Isa. Let’s just say she stroked something else too when he turns to her as a rebound.

That was Season 1 and it caused an Internet war between #TeamIsa and #TeamLawrence. Folks (mostly men-folk) were claiming Tasha was a come up for Lawerence because she was the kind of ride-or-die sista who would support him no matter what. They blamed Isa for Lawerence’s slump, claiming that Isa should have spoken life to him instead of cheating on him.

#TeamIsa admitted that Isa was wrong for cheating, but that she’d also put up with Lawerence’s “hobo-sexual” ways for many years. (A hobo-sexual is a man who is interested in crashing on your sofa, and doing the minimal effort to be physical present in a relationship). They claim Lawrence wasn’t really all that and he shouldn’t get points for being a “a good man” simply because he didn’t cheat on Isa.

Season 2 seems to reveal what #TeamIsa was saying all along: Lawrence is trash! He’s not man enough to tell Tasha the truth: she’s a rebound and a safe place to lie his head and fill his belly while he figures out what he really wants. Tasha reads him like a book in an explosive scene that has everyone talking. I’ll summarize it here: “You are trash. You are worse than trash, because you’re convinced you’re a good guy!”

Because I know so many of you have encountered a Lawrence at least once in your life, either because you were Isa or Tasha, I decided to do a LIVE broadcast on Facebook to reveal the 3 signs the man you’re dealing with isn’t worth the paper plate you throw away at your grandma’s Labor Day cookout (seriously!). I’m busting up the myth of The Nice Guy on this one!

Stop whatever you’re doing a tune in now:

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