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We hate spam as much as you do!

 It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. ! We’ve officially kicked off the holiday season.

I know when you don’t have a “plus one” (or the right one) to bring to your parties and get-togethers, your loneliness can really eat you up, especially if you have (nosey) family who keep reminding you that you don’t have your soulmate yet. And even if your family and friends are supportive, just looking at all of the couples snuggling together on the couch after dinner can open the floodgates of feelings you’ve been ignoring all summer while you went on cruises, Girls’ Trips, and amazing adventures abroad.

So I put together three of the funniest clapbacks you can use when someone asks “why are you still single” this Thanksgiving.

Clapback #1:

Your nosey cousin: “When you gonna settle down?”

Your response as you give a side eye to her crusty boyfriend: “When you gonna admit you settled?”

Clapback #2:

Your uncle who doesn’t know how to whisper: “Still no boyfriend I see.”

Your response as you watch him go for his 3rd plate of food: “Still no gym membership I see.”

Clapback #3:

Your sister who just called complaining about something her husband did: “Why are you still single?”

Your response: “Stop asking me why I’m still single. I don’t ask you why you still married!”


I hope you made you laugh a little, {!firstname_fix}.  The love and support of my friends is what got me through the holidays when I was single.

And working with a mentor and investing into seminars gave me the secrets, sense and courage to figure out why I kept attracting the wrong relationships that always fell apart and finally choose a man who was stable, loving, honest and marriage-material. It was a quick turnaround when I learned those secrets. Seriously!

Thanksgiving 2004 I brought home a guy who ended up breaking my heart by Christmas because he was cheating on me (yet again).

Thanksgiving 2005 I invited Roy to have dinner with my family since he was so far from home and didn’t have any friends in town. We’d only had 2 coffee dates, but he took me up on the offer and then asked me out to the movies afterward.  We got married September 2006.

The difference maker for me was discovering there were things I just didn’t know about myself and the way I was communicating with men that pushed the right ones away and attracting the wrongs to me. Once I flipped the switch, my relationship status changed quickly.

I want to be that difference maker for you. That’s why I created the Make It Last Bootcamp. 

This high energy, interactive, one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for you if:

  • You are confident in your career, but feel awkward with men and they don’t approach you, ask you out, or want second dates with you.
  • You’ve never had a relationship last more than a few weeks or months and you can’t figure out why
  • You’ve slept with a guy without officially becoming exclusive yet, and now you’re secretly worried things won’t work out
  • You feel inexperienced with men and relationships and you’re afraid you’re gonna mess it up with the great guy you just met
  • You have no trouble meeting or dating men, but you don’t trust your own judgement with picking the right one
  • You keep attracting emotionally unavailable men who aren’t on your level
  • You’ve been ghosted more times than you can count and you’re losing faith that there are good men out there
  • Your last relationships either blew up because of arguments or fizzled out because you just stopped talking to each other
  • You feel fear and anxiety when a man gets close to you and you want to know how to let your guards down
  • You’re in an on-again, off-again relationship and want to know if you should give it a chance
  • You end up investing months or years into relationships with men who say they enjoy your company but they won’t commit to you
  • You know YOU are the emotionally unavailable one and you want to finally drop your guards and open up to the man who says he wants to get to know you

And you finally want to the relationship to last so you can have your last first date and start building a life together with your man

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Dr. Aesha

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