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5 Hot (And Cheap!) Summer Date Ideas

by Dr. Aesha on June 11, 2012

5 Hot (And Cheap!) Summer Date Ideas
By: Aesha Adams-Roberts
Summer is the unoffical dating season.  The days are longer and people are ready to get out of the house and have fun.  Summer is also a great time to try new things and get out of your "dinner and movie" dating rut.  Here are 5 date ideas you can use to make this summer an unforgettable one (without breaking the bank):
1. A Tourist in Your Own City
Recently, my husband and I discovered there was a place to go "zip-lining" that was basically 10 minutes from our house. We thought an activity like this was only available on an exotic vacation!  Chances are your city has hidden gems as well and you can find them if you think like a tourist!  To find them, Google "tourist attractions in [Your City]–San Diego, for example or "things to do in [Your City]."  Also try searching for a list of recommended tourist attractions.  Grab your camera–and fanny pack–and go!
2. The Fair
Check out the State Fair in your town.  In addition to rides, fried foods, games and farm animals, many fairs also host concerts featuring some of the best artists from around the world. 
3. A Dinner to Remember
Instead of your typical restaurant dinner, why not take advantage of the great summer weather and have dinner outdoors!  Docks, beaches, hilltops, parks, skyscrapers, and theaters are great places to have a summer dinner. Even if you order takeout or pizza you can make the dinner romantic by adding candles and soft music (think iPod)! 
4.  Act Like a Grown Up, Think Like a Kid
Remember all the summertime fun you had as a kid?  Bike riding, hiking, flying kites, and swimming are all great ways to make your summer dates amazing. End the date with stargazing and you've just increased the romance factor!  
5.  Drive-in Movies
Many drive-in theaters open in early summer to take advantage of the great weather.  If there aren't any drive-ins near you, check out your local parks for movie nights.  You can even create your own drive-in by grabbing your laptop or iPad and watching movies outside in a tent or cozy hammock.
Summer is a great season for dating–and for doing it on a budget! 
Which ideas will you try?  Please find me on Facebook and share. I want to know :)

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