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5 Secrets To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

by Dr. Aesha on July 16, 2012


babysleep 5 Secrets To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

5 Secrets To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

By: Aesha Adams Roberts

I am a mom of two sweet children, a 4-year-old girl and a 6-month-old boy pictured above. Unlike their mommy and daddy, they are high energy, curious, and amazing babies! This personality type makes them very active during the day . . . and light sleepers at night!
As a first time mom, I wasn't ready for this. I'd read all the books. I'd taken birthing classes. I also had a lot of experience with kids in general.  As the oldest daughter of 8 kids, I was babysitting infants by myself by the time I was 12 years old; My mother was a licensed child care provider for over 30 years and she trained us to work along side her. I learned how to calm screaming babies and entertain toddlers and preschoolers all at the same time! To top it all off, we were a foster family for special needs kids.  My now adopted sister was a premie born to a drug-addicted mother and she had many complications. I loved her with all my heart and even though I was only 14 years old, I knew how to give her breathing treatments, hook her up to the heart and breathing monitor, and comfort her by singing lullabies I made up on the spot.  
It's one thing to take care of somebody else's baby. It's another thing to take care of your own!  Even with all of this experience, I quickly discovered I didn't know how to help my baby sleep through the night!  Add in issues with breastfeeding, a husband who was deployed overseas when our baby was just 3 months old, and a full-time career as a college professor, and I had a recipe for insanity!   
I remember being so sleep deprived the first few weeks that I was hallucinating!  I thought she'd just grow out of it and I listened to the advice of well-meaning friends and family. When you're in desperate need of rest and don't know where to turn for help, you're willing to try desperate things.  
"I let my baby cry it out" one friend bragged. I tried it one day out of frustration and it broke my heart as I watched my baby girl, my first born, scream and search for me.  I was done with that. 
"Keep her awake-don't let her sleep during the day." (Yeah, like keeping a newborn who stares at the ceiling the few minutes they are awake is going to work.) I found out later that not letting a baby nap actually sabotages their ability to sleep through the night!
"Feed her cereal. Don't hold her. Give her water instead of milk at night." 
Nothing worked. When you’re fighting sleep deprivation and another mommy tells you her baby started sleeping 10 hours per night at 6 weeks ago, it’s easy to think that you’re doing something wrong.  But it's not your fault.  
By the time my daughter turned 3, she was still waking at night and I discovered I was pregnant and was experiencing horrific nausea and vomiting.  At that point, I decided to research the top experts in baby sleep–Elizabeth Pantley, Dr. Sears and the Tracy Hogg, also known as The Baby Whisperer. I discovered some secrets that helped my daughter fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer! I also discovered a secret that not even the Baby Whisperer knew.  I applied these secrets with my son as soon as he was born and it made a tremendous difference in helping me understand why he wasn't sleeping well and what I could do to help meet his needs so he could sleep through the night. 
I've done the work for you and put these secrets in a FREE eBook, 5 Secrets To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night so you can keep you sanity, get better sleep for your family, and enjoy your baby. These secrets are tear-free, gentle, and will work with any parenting philosophy. 

Grab it now and get better sleep starting tonight!

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