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What You Can Learn From Myanna’s Love Story & How You Can Be Next

By: Dr. Aesha

I’m so excited to share another love story with you!

Myanna, a long-time friend of mine and member of our community, got married this Saturday to the man of her dreams! They make a great couple, don’t they?



Myanna is a successful, smart, spiritual sister in her 30s. When she wrote me in January 2014, she was working out regularly, working with The American Heart Association, climbing the corporate ladder, and enjoying life with her friends. But there was a problem. She was still single! She wrote: 

I’m wondering if you can help me!!! I am STILL single!!! My thing is, I don’t have issues when it comes to relationships, my issue is meeting men!! It doesn’t happen! And I’m very involved! I am praying for a husband and I want love for 2014. What should I do? Please help!

Can you relate to Myanna’s cry for help? She was living her life, just like everyone told her to, and still, Mr. Right didn’t show up!

When she did meet men, they were playing games, pretending like they were interested in a relationship, when all they really wanted was a booty call (and yes, some of these dudes were in church!)

If you find yourself in the same situation as Myanna and you’re ready for love this year, use the following tips:

1) Ask for help!

Myanna didn’t try to figure this out on her own. She also didn’t just give up on dating and say, “well, all I need is Jesus (or my job, or my friends).” She reached out for a mentor!

2) Change one thing

Sometimes changing one thing, changes everything. Myanna’s Mr. Right didn’t live in the same city. She was open to a long-distance relationship (and didn’t just complain about the men in her town).

3) Be willing to do the work

Could things be the way they are, because YOU are the way you are? Shift how you approach dating, men and relationships and do the work to heal your heart of painful experiences, limiting beliefs, emotional attachments and toxic thoughts. It’s amazing how quickly your situation can change when you change.

I want you to be next. 

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Talk to you soon!

Dr. Aesha

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