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Top 5 Mistakes That Keep You Frustrated With Online Dating

By: Dr. Aesha

Are you about to cancel your subscription to your online dating site?  Or are you scared to even try online dating in the first place because of all the horror stories you’ve heard from your friends? Maybe you’ve heard news reports that online dating doesn’t work for Black women.

If you’ve been frustrated with online dating or having a hard time meeting high-quality men online, you’re probably making one of these top 5 mistakes.

1) You’re Using Bad Photos

Studies show you have about 3 seconds to catch the attention of the right person who is scanning through all the profiles online. You should avoid using selfies you took in your bathroom mirror or your car. You should also avoid group photos because you don’t want a man to be confused (or distracted by your equally attractive girlfriend!)

Instead of selfies you should invest in professional photos! I like to send my clients to services that specialize in taking dating photos. These photographers use the right lighting, suggest the best wardrobe and style choices, and give you amazing pictures that reveal your personality so that you’re seen as a high-quality woman who attracts men who are serious about relationships. 

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