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Ask Aesha: How to Attract Better Relationships, Keep Kids Out of Your Room, and Create a Meal Planning System

By: Aesha Adams Roberts

Welcome to this issue of our online newsletter! I'm excited to answer your questions today in our Ask Aesha column! You've been emailing me, sending me DM's and inboxes on Twitter and Facebook on questions ranging from dating, to meal planning, to parenting. I've chosen these three because they'll help the most people: 

How did you learn how to make better choices in relationships?  ~Leticia

Leticia, I share a lot of my story in my book and I share the roadmap it took for me to go from low self-esteem, unable to trust people, and making poor choices in dating (including become engaged to a verbally abusive man and dating a guy who had several women on the side). What changed for me was how I thought about myself. We attract who we are and our thoughts are the foundation of who we are.  Our thoughts are formed by the enviroments we were raised in, hurts, traumas, words spoken over us, and experiences we've had.  Once you begin to change your thoughts, you'll change who you attract to your life. The process began for me when I found out that God said I was His beloved, that I was valued and I was accepted. Embracing those thoughts helped me recognize when a guy didn't have similar thoughts about me and I started making better relationship choices. You can do it!  

My kids burst in the bathroom when I'm taking a shower. They'll hang around in the bedroom while I'm getting dressed and they think it's funny when I tell them to get out. Can you help me? ~Debbie

Yes, I can Debbie!  Although most moms joke that one of the best ways to get your kids' attention is to go to the bathroom, there comes a time when kids need to understand boundaries and privacy. This is a good time to sit down with them and explain your rules about privacy and why it's important to you. Share with them why you want them to knock and get permission before entering a bedroom. Be sure to discuss any consequences for deliberately disobeying the rules. Start modeling it by knocking on their bedroom doors and expecting them to do the same.  Stay consistent and you'll see changes 🙂 

I really need help with meal planning. I work second shift so to meal plan and cook meals in advance would help me. My husband ends up cooking when he gets home. If he's tired, he buys fast food, but he buys it pretty late. I need to help out and cook before work, but the food would be about 4 and half hours old. I don't know. I need to find a system! ~Kim

I agree with you, Kim. A meal planning system will help out a lot. You'll save time and money and help your husband out. Let me share what I'd do if this were my situation. I'd plan meals that use the crockpot so I could start it before I left for work, and time it so that it would be done when my husband got home.  I'd also do some meal prep like chopping veggies and freezing them so that if my husband wanted to cook even if he were tired, he could just pull it out the freezer. You could also assemble meals and freeze them so that he could go from freezer to table very quickly.  I recommend my Meal Plans Made Simple Guide because it has videos, worksheets, and sample plans that will help you create your own system. Blessings!  

I hope these answers help all of you when these issues in dating, parenting, and home management come up.  We're here to serve you and offer eBooks and guides at no cost to you!  Your next step after that is to connect live with me every day on Facebook. See you there!