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We hate spam as much as you do!

Have you tried that online dating thing? If so, chances are you’ve swiped left, passing up your perfect partner (and for petty reasons, too)! Let me explain. 

You probably know that your success in online dating rising and falls on your photos. My coaching clients know this because I recommend that they get professional photos done so they won’t be judged unfairly by men who, according to an OKCupid study, spend most of their time writing to the women they consider most attractive (about 1/3 of the women online). 

That sounds harsh, I know, but the fellas are actually judged more unfairly than women! In the same OKC study, they discovered that women rated 80% of the man as below average in looks (dang, sisters!).  From what I’ve seen in working one on one with sisters, helping them pick out men to talk to on the dating sites, the guys are getting dissed because of bad dating photos. Dudes posting selfies of themselves dripping with sweat in the gym or climbing out the river after being baptized (true story) just aren’t that attractive.

So what if you see a guy who has really bad photos? Should you give him a chance? And what should you do if his pics reflect questionable behavior like clubbing? If you swipe left, are you just being petty?

I’m tackling this question in episode #3 of Ask Dr. Aesha TV. Our viewer asks if she should give a guy who looks like a Party Animal in his photos a second glance, or if her first impressions are correct. Watch now for my advice by clicking the video below (or just click here).

Look. I know online dating can be frustrating to the point where you just check out, shut down, and avoid it altogether! But it’s not really complicated–PEOPLE are! No mater where you are meeting people, you’ll have challenges connecting with them. That’s why I believe the main purpose in dating is not to meet The One, but instead, you should be making sure you know how to properly read between the lines and discern if someone is a good partner for you or not.

I know you have questions about dating and relationships. That’s why I’m putting together a book with my personal answers to what’s on your heart and mind. It’s FREE for you if you complete my survey and submit your most juiciest questions.

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Dr. Aesha