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We hate spam as much as you do!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

That means roasted turkey…

Mama’s hot water cornbread dressing…

Aunt Mae’s peach cobbler….

And a room full of family members who will ask you “So, do you have a man? When are you getting married?” AGAIN. Sigh.

I know that awkward feeling of walking into a room full of the elders of your family gossiping about you. You know it because they all hush when you cross the threshold, and you hear the phrase  “You know she can’t keep a man….”  linger in the air when you do an about face to leave.

I know the pain of being shamed for your relationship status.

And I know how easy it is to beat yourself up for not knowing the secrets to keeping a man coming back for more until he realizes he wants you and only you.

That’s why today’s episode of Ask Dr. Aesha TV is all about the untold secrets of effortlessly creating a genuine connection with a quality man.

  • A man who knows himself
  • A man who loves himself
  • A man who is open to love and relationships and a total commitment to you.

The tips I share are HUGE because they address the #1 Blindspot powerhouse women like you have in dating and relationships.

Let’s solve this problem so you can keep the right man coming back for more. More dates with you. More open and honest communication. More passion and romance in your relationship.


Watch now….and when you’re done post “I get the secret” below the video so I can celebrate this day as the beginning of your successful love story.





Dr. Aesha