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We hate spam as much as you do!

If you have *this* listed as a must-have on your Ideal Man List, you are getting in your own way of attracting a good man.

99% of smart, successful women make this mistake too, and I usually have to real “tough love” conversation with them so they don’t miss out on the love that’s trying to get to them.

I’ll let you eavesdrop on a recent convo:

💁🏾Client: “He’s nice, but he’s not ambitious enough for me. He just wants a wife and kids. He’s happy where he is in his career. I need something more.”


🤷🏾‍Me: “Interesting…so he wants marriage like you say you do, but that’s not enough. Tell me why he needs to be ambitious for you to like him?”

💁🏾Client: “I’ve worked hard my whole life to get to where I am. I need to know that if something happens to me, he can take over and maintain my lifestyle. Besides, my grandmother told me love don’t pay the bills. I know this is true cuz I watched my mom struggle to take care of me after the divorce.

🤦🏾‍Me: “Your “Must Haves” are driven by fears that you inherited from your grandma, instead of clarity which comes from knowing what you need to be loved and cared for. A man doesn’t have to be ambitious to take care of you. He has to be present, emotionally stable, generous, capable of meeting your needs, and faithful to his word. Besides, if you want to build an empire with a man, you have to be the kind of woman who naturally makes a man feel like a king. You told me you don’t have time for cooking and cleaning, and that you wanted a partner, not a provider, and that’s a GOOD thing. 

You have some inner conflicts about what you want, and that’s sending men mixed signals. Release your fears before you miss out on love.”

I’m the coach who gets to the heart of the matter so you can have the desires of your heart. If you want tips and tricks, I’m not for you. But if you want REAL wisdom that will direct you to a lasting love, I’m your girl.

I’m taking a deeper dive into this topic on today’s episode of Ask Dr. Aesha TV. Come take a look, share with your sister-friends, and then #commentbelow, sharing your breakthrough and aha’s.



I don’t want you dating slackers, but are there men you’re passing on because their DRIVE doesn’t match yours?

Let’s talk about it.

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