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 Creating The Life YOU Want To Live Is A Lot Like Meal Planning

By: Aesha Adams-Roberts

She must be lucky . . . He seems to have it all . . . Have you ever looked at someone else's life and thought that?  Let me let you in on little secret: what often looks like "luck" is really a combination of planning, preparation and passion! 

Creating the life YOU want to live is a lot like meal planning: start with the end in mind!  For example, if I'm stretching my grocery budget for the week, I think about meals I could make using similar ingredients but will still give us variety. That may include organic chicken quesadillas on sprouted tortillas with rice & beans on the side, refried bean and cheese burritos, chicken & broccoli stir-fry, and broccoli-cheese soup with homemade organic cornbread.  My next step would be to write down the ingredients, make a shopping list, and decide how and when I'll cook the meals.  

The secret to a good meal plan is taking the time to write it down! Instead of wandering the grocery aisles, wondering what's for dinner and grabbing a bag of chips because your stomach is growling, a written plan helps you know exactly what you need to make a healthy meal, where to get it, and what to do with it when you get home. 

Most of us get that starting with the end in mind with a meal plan makes things much easier. What if you applied this principle to other areas of your life?  Would it make dating, marriage, or parenting easier? I know, I know. You're busy with life–working, paying bills, raising kids, getting stuff done. But isn't time you lived life instead of letting life pass you by? 

Let's see what "meal planning" your dating life would look like: 

Instead of getting serious with a guy because you just "clicked," what if you took some time to write down exactly what you're looking for in a relationship? Most singles I coach in dating and relationships tend to use the "we'll see what happens" approach. They get invovled and hope it works out. What if you used the "we'll see what happens" approach to meal planning? A lot of time and money gets wasted! Instead of figuring it out as you go, start with the end in mind, and you'll avoid a lot of dating mistakes. 

Now before you think your life will turn out exactly how you planned it, let me remind you that like meal planning, mapping out your life requires flexibility, creativitiy and persistence through mistakes. When I cook, things get really messy as though a tornado hit my kitchen!  I've learned that's just my process (to my husband's chagrin) and I'll clean it up later.

I don't try to get all my ducks lined up in a row before I start either, otherwise no one would eat and I'd have 2 grouchy kids and a grumpy husband staring at me around the dinner table.  I also don't take silly risks like trying to take the pan of cornbread out the oven without any oven mitts. In relationships, you shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes, but stay smart! Don't try and change the bad boy into marriage material–you might get burned!  

You can apply the meal planning principle to other areas of your life.  One single mom of two told me she used to leave sticky notes around the house encouraging her son, telling him she believed in him, speaking life over him even though he was acting out at home and school!  Now that he's a teenager, they have a great relationship and he's a leader at school and church.  

To start mapping out the life you want, give yourself permission to want what you want! Find a quiet spot, take out a journal, and write it down.  This is the first step is the beginning of an amazing journey!  I'll be here with you every step of the way 🙂