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Are You Smart, Successful, But Still Single?!

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We hate spam as much as you do!

You’re smart.

You’re sexy.

And you’re surviving all the drama that comes with searching for romance while juggling a successful life.

Heck, you could be the lead character in Sex & The City or Being Mary Jane…because despite all you’ve tried, lasting love seems to be beyond your grasp.

You’re what I call a 10% woman, a six-figure sister who is in the top 10% of female income earners in the world. Through drive and ambition, you’ve fought hard to earn the respect and admiration of your colleagues & community. You believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to, and your résumé and bank account proves it.

But you have a secret. Every time you look down at your left hand and see that it’s empty you wonder, “Why can’t I have love?”

You’re Still Single. And you’re SICK of it.

Let’s be clear: You know you’re loveable. You believe you are worthy. But years of doing life alone makes you wonder if your success makes you undesirable to the man you want.

You’re like the hundreds of women I’ve coached who secretly ask me, “Dr. Aesha, What’s wrong with me?”

Take a deep breath. Because it’s my responsibility as the Love Doctor to tell you the truth (but I’m not sure you’re ready for it).

Here’s the answer…Nothing is wrong with you. You’re just missing some key skills in your relationship education.

(Are you still breathing, beloved?)

As a high-caliber woman, the odds are against you in love because you face 2 serious problems in dating:


Your relationships are …different. You’re the Oprah in your community. The Olivia Pope in your family. The Carrie Bradshaw of your friends. In other words, you already bring a lot to the table. And you need a man who is on your level AND who appreciates your power (yet knows how to be a safe place for the tender woman you are).

But you also have the potential to be the breadwinner in your relationship, and it seems there aren’t enough men who can be the Stedmon your inner Oprah needs. There’s a missing handbook for partnerships like these! Your Mama didn’t know how to prepare you for it because her version of success for you included marrying the rich CEO, not becoming one.

You need a guide to help you navigate your romantic relationships so you can be successful.

Check this out. Studies show that when you make more money than your man:

✅ You are less likely to get married

✅ Men are more likely to cheat

✅ Women are more likely to cheat

✅ Men feel insecure in relationships because they feel inadequate.

✅ Women feel more pressured to work less & play small to soothe his insecurities & have a socially acceptable relationship

With pitfalls like these awaiting you, dating feels exhausting! That leads me to the second problem.


The pool of quality men who match your maturity and success is SMALLER than other dating pools.

Not only do you have to find the man you want…HE has to want YOU back. And the balance of power is usually tipped in his favor. You don’t want to feel like you’re competing for any man’s attention or affection (you’re too MAGICAL for that).

And you also want to feel like you’re in control of the process, and that you get to choose who your life long partner will be.

Yet love is the ONLY area in your life that makes you feel out of control, and when we’re out of control, it triggers our insecurities.

Dating makes you feel insecure (“am I choosing the right man, will this last, what if it all falls apart”) when everyone else in your world sees you as a confident, bold, badass woman.

If you can relate to just 1% of the love problems I just named, you need to read my next words very carefully.

Successful women stay stuck, suffering through singleness because it FEELS like you don’t have enough choices.

The men on Tinder are the same ones on Match.

The man you love, doesn’t love you enough back to commit fully to you.

There don’t seem to be enough high-achieving, relationship-ready, financially viable men to go around. So you settle for your circumstances.

Settling for you looks like workaholism, pretending you don’t care about love, or staying in undignified relationships that are beneath you.

But that’s not ok with me! As the #1 dating expert for women of power, I’ve devoted my life’s work to creating solutions for 10% women who require a high caliber man.

I’ve invented a powerful dating methodology called LEVEL. It’s the smart woman’s step-by-step guide to attract, date and succeed at relationships with a partner who is on your level.

LEVEL is exclusive for successful women who require an elite dating strategy (and it has elite pricing).

Because spots are limited (there are only 10), I am doing these on an application basis so that we can decide if we’re a fit and to ensure you get exactly the support you need to have the love you deserve.

If not me, I’ll recommend another coach who would be the best match for you.

If your heart is racing because you can feel hope rising again, I would love to talk with you.