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Does Looking For Love Make You Desperate? 

By: Dr. Aesha

Serena Williams’ love life was the center of attention on the Wendy Williams show this week. During “Hot Topics,” Wendy revealed that Serena stated that she is “desperate for a relationship” and wants to start a family.

In short, Serena wants a man and she’s not scared to say it!

I admire that Serena is putting her intention out there for the world to hear. Unlike many smart, successful sistas, she hasn’t bought into the notion that wanting a man makes you desperate.

It seems nowadays that we reward women who say things like:

“I don’t have time for a man. A sista’s got goals!”

“Who needs a relationship? I”m happy being single.”

“I don’t NEED a man. I’m not desperate!”

These statements brag about being single and kicking people out of your life like it’s an accomplishment.

Now I know you’d rather be single than settle for a less-than-fabulous relationship, but can we get real for a moment? Do you really believe you don’t need companionship? Do you think a man will hinder you from accomplishing your goals? Are you really happy being single, or is it just a front you put on because everyone else is saying it?

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