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We hate spam as much as you do!

Valentine’s Day is here, and all I want is for you to have an EPIC relationship.

I know you want it too, because you’re here in my tribe, reading my blogs, watching my videos and saying, “WOW, this is on POINT!”

I also know your search for solutions to get this dating thing right has left you frustrated,  jaded by dating apps and on the verge of getting another puppy to keep you company (can I keep it real?)

You hold on to hope by telling yourself, “I know he’s out there.”

Do I have permission to rock your world?

He’s already here.

He drank Starbucks coffee this morning.

He listened to DJ Khaled on his morning commute.

He’s eating Chipotle on his lunch break and will regret it when he stands up to lead his team meeting.

He’ll be in the gym working off that burrito tonight.

And when he goes to bed, he’ll think to himself “A lone bachelor…this is no way to live.”

He is real.

He exists.

So I’ve got an uncomfortable question, but it will lead to your breakthrough. Deep breath. Ready?

When was the last time you thanked your future partner for…

…seeing you

…accepting you

…cherishing  you

…loving you

…desiring you

…understanding you

…adoring you

…committing to you?

You can get so used to running from your past and focusing on the frustrations of your present reality that you forget there’s a new future waiting for YOU to create it.

Trying to “stay positive” through it all can be hard. And truth is, positive thinking lasts as long as a new full set of acrylic nails. In about 2 weeks, you need to fill in the gaps!

I don’t want you to be positive.
I want you to believe.

When you’re empowered with the certainty that comes with believing, “it’s just a matter of time” for me to get what I want, you’re unstoppable.
So to support you, I am granting you access to the creative visualization & guided meditation I recorded called  “Journey To Meeting Your Future Partner.” 

This powerful experience will help you to rise above the frustration you may feel right now and remember that you are worthy of your desires (and they are REAL).

Get in a quiet place. Put in some earbuds. And<<<  Click here to download the meditation and begin your journey: >>>

It’s time for him to show up in your life. But the only problem you have is that you’ve been unknowingly breaking the secret laws of attraction. That means you either can’t captivate the right man’s attention at first glance OR you can’t keep him coming back for more.

Until now.


You can’t get to a committed relationship without mastering the art of attraction.

So I’m spilling the tea in a no-cost LIVESTREAM exclusive for powerhouse, professional women who want a man on your level.

“At First Glance: How To Captivate The Right Man & Keep Him Coming Back For More!”

This is not a magic formula. These are laws of attraction you simply cannot break if you want to skip past the swiping, texting and ghosting and create an intense connection with men who want what you want: commitment

These laws work, even if you’re skeptical. I’m showing you how to master them!

The Details

Date: Monday, February 18th

Time: 9 PM EST

Where: The Girl Talk Facebook Group with Dr. Aesha.


See you in the group!


Dr. Aesha