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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” ~Alice Walker

Karolyn was almost 40.

A success-driven, vivacious woman, she looked at the incredible life she’d created and it reflected one truth of who she was: A Boss!

She was thriving in a male-dominated career and didn’t have a problem meeting men. She just couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t attract a partner man who met her standards. She wasn’t asking for much. Someone loyal. Stable. Easy on the eye. And devoted to her.

After her ex cheated on her, she took a long break from dating because the church told her to “wait” and the right man would show up. Meanwhile, her fertility clock was ticking. Her mama told her to give up her desire to have a family of her own. “We don’t always get what we want,” she said.

Karolyn felt powerless & anxious, like it was all out of her control.

I pointed out to Karolyn that she had given her power away. She needed to reclaim it. And she needed my support to do it.

As a result of working with me, Karolyn made one powerful decision and met the love of her life.

Click the video below to hear exactly what she did.


Deep, right?

Karolyn spent a lifetime overlooking her own desires, putting them to the side to please everyone else. She got love from her family & her church (and she got a man to give her his attention but not his heart).

Then I taught her the Law of Desire. Her power to attract the man she wanted started when she gave herself permission to stop putting the needs, expectations, wants and judgements of other people in front her own.

She decide to #OwnIt.

When she tapped into the feeling of her desire to be loved, cherished, seen, respected, understood, turned-on and lit up, men came out the woodwork.

I bet you’re a bit like Karolyn. Staying single just to please everyone else is no longer acceptable. If you are, then you’re next step is to join me for #OwnIt, a thrilling virtual retreat where you’ll learn how to master your influence with men. This means you’ll stop attracting men who waste your time, and you’ll captivate the good men who are looking for a woman just like you.

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