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mother doing gymnastics with baby  on fitness ball

How to Find Time To Exercise Even If You're a Busy Mom

By: Aesha Adams Roberts


I've reached an amazing milestone in my weightloss journey!  I dropped a size in 30 days!!!!!  Whoo hoo! With only 10 pounds left to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I'd like to share with you some powerful secrets I've discovered on how to find time to exercise (even if you're a busy mom).  

I've struggled with exercise my whole adult life. Even though I was athletic when I was a teenager, as an adult, I always had an excuse: I'm skinny, so I don't NEED exercise; I don't want to sweat my hair out; I'm too busy.  When I got married, my husband took me running–I HATED it, especially when I could barely walk the next day! Not even an expensive pair of running shoes could coax me back.

It wasn't until I couldn't lose the baby weight after baby #1 that I reconsidered exercsie again. As a working mom, I took advantage of the fact that my daughter was in day care and took a ZUMBA class offered at the campus gym.

When I became a stay at home mom, child care wasn't an option, so I did what I saw other moms doing: I bought a baby jogger . . . and NEVER used it! After baby #2, I rapidly lost weight . . . then gained it all back PLUS some. After making drastic changes to our diet (we eat 90% organic), I stopped gaining weight, but I knew exercise was the only way I'd be able to get my best body.

However, as a stay-at-home mom with a new baby, and who cooks 3 meals from scratch every day, runs a business online, and is devoted to my husband, I couldn't figure out how to find time to exercise. Sleep deprivation has a way of putting everything in slow motion and rigourous exercise was the last thing I thought I needed.  Boy was I wrong!  I gradually changed my mindset and began exercising every day. The best part is I didn't turn into a gym-rat or neglect my kids or my passions to do it! 

Here are 3 ways to find time to exercise (even if you're a busy mom)

1) Do something you enjoy

I wasn't too busy to run–I just hated jogging!  If the gym intimidates you or a group exercise class embarrasses you, don't do it! Find something you'd like to do that's still effective, and you'll be more likely to do it.  I discovered I like 10 Minute Trainer from Beachbody. All I have to do is Push Play and in the time it takes me to check my email, I could get a great workout in. 

2) Sleep in your workout clothes

Seriously. I used to waste 10-15 minutes searching for my workout clothes, then sneak off to put them on while the kids were distracted. In that time I could have finished my workout! If you're not going to exercise first thing in the morning, then figure out a way to make it quick & easy to get dressed for your workout. Keep your clothes (and shoes) in your car or your office so you have NO excuse!

3) Exercise with the whole family

I kept trying to find time away from the kids . . . and then it dawned on me: Why not include them? I bought workout clothes for my 4-year-old daughter and my 1 year old son loves exercising with mommy so much I have to wrestle the 3 lb dumbells out of his hands!  Other ways to make fitness a family affair is to jump rope together, ride bikes, hula hoop, or go for a walk. You'll set an amazing example for your kids and they'll keep you accountable!

With a little creativity, you can find the time to exercise.  You're worth it!  

Question: What's your greatest challenge with finding time to exercise?