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We hate spam as much as you do!

Can I ask you an uncomfortable question?

Are you intimidated by Kim Kardashian? Do you feel she’s keeping you from meeting your husband? 

Wait…before you answer…

I’m not talking about her culturally appropriated cornrows snatching a brother’s attention…and adding to your (mis)belief that successful Black men don’t want successful Black women.

I’m talking about how she exposes your insecurities about not having the “perfect body” and how that’s affecting whether or not you feel desireable to men.
Does this sound familiar?

😫 You’re waiting to lose those “last 20 lbs” before you put up full body pics on your dating profile & 7 years have passed!

✂️ You get offended when a man compliments your physical appearance first and you cut him off because he isn’t serious about getting to know you because  “he only wants one thing.”

😭 You’re sad & angry that you’re still dating at 40 and your “saggy boobs” have to compete against the perky 20 and 30-somethings that men your age are choosing instead of you (or so you think).
Real talk: You are trapped in a story that men are visual creatures and therefore only want you if you look like Kim K.
You’re believing a lie.
The truth is YOUR man wants all of you.
The sway of your hips.
The dimples in your thighs.
That birthmark only he will ever see.
He wants good morning kisses even if you didn’t brush your teeth.
He wants the warmth of your embrace, the fierceness of your loyalty, the calm of your conviction and commitment to hold to your standards.
He wants your heart.
He wants it all.

It’s time to stop hiding.
It’s time to stop waiting.
It’s time to divorce your secret inhibitions so that you can claim you divine birthright to LOVE and Be LOVED.

#commentbelow: what one thing must you STOP believing and one action you must START taking so you can have the epic love your heart lLongs for?