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We hate spam as much as you do!

Crazy confused.

That’s how Natasha’s uhm, boyfriend…no, gentleman friend…nah, that’s not quite it, uh, guy she is seeing…is making her feel because it’s been 6 months of dating, and he still says he’s “not sure” about being exclusive.

6 months of talking on the phone every night.

6 months of planning trips together.

6 months of kissing…hugging…and…well, you know.

6 months of having fun, enjoying each other’s company.

But instead of celebrating this milestone with a romantic dinner at Ruth’s Chris, Natasha is writing me because she’s confused about where she stands with this man.

Can you relate?

I want you to take back your personal power so you can get out of the Crazy Zone with a guy and step into clarity, confidence and security because you know you’re with the right man. And if he’s not the right partner, you’ll stop playing house and move on so you can meet The One for you.

That’s why I’m sharing jaw-dropping advice on today’s episode of Ask Dr. Aesha TV  Tune in now to discover how to stop wasting your time WITHOUT a good man.

Here’s Natasha’s question:

Dear Dr. Aesha,

Sooooo….what would I do if after 6 months he still isn’t sure that he wants to be exclusive. It’s crazy confusing, especially when you spend a lot of time together and you’re having fun, planning trips, and spending hours talking. How do I navigate that?



Powerful, huh? Did you get a “aha” breakthrough with this episode? I want to hear about it. Post your comments below and don’t forget to share this episode with a girlfriend who needs this advice right now.


Dr. Aesha