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We hate spam as much as you do!

Leslie Jones is one of the world’s most accomplished comedians. You may have seen her on Saturday Night Live or in the movie Ghost Busters. And you’ll be seeing her lovely face during the Olympics because she just landed a spot as a commentator with NBC. She’s a real #GirlBoss!

Leslie recently made headlines because of a vulnerable Instagram post she made a few days ago. Check it out below:

Leslie’s public “what’s it all for” moment revealed a truth that many smart, successful sisters often tell me behind closed doors.  At 50 years old, she feels invisible to the man she wants, and her belief that love is within her reach has been wounded due to disappointment.

Can you relate? 

The responses to Leslie’s post were interesting. Over 5,000 comments poured in and they said things like:

“Don’t work out for a man, Leslie! Do it because you love yourself.”

“You’re beautiful and you’ve accomplished so much, girl. You should be proud of yourself!”

Even Meagan Good, the powerhouse actor married to Devon Franklin chimed in, reminding Leslie that God loved her and was preparing her for something special.


Ummm..can I get real for a second and just say what no one else is saying? It seems the world doesn’t hear strong, successful sisters when they say, “I’m feeling some kind of way and I need love.” Instead, we continually offer up self-love, God’s love and communal love, and tell women they should feel satisfied.

Let’s be clear:

Self-love is necessary.

God’s love is incomparable.

Communal love from friends and family is soothing.

But Leslie–and YOU–get to say, “I WANT ROMANTIC LOVE!” 

I want the touch of a good man.
I want him to look at me like he adores me
I want someone who takes care of my heart while I’m out here building an empire and changing the world
I want my OWN love.

It’s just sometimes you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to bridge the gap between your desires and your current reality.

I see you girl.

That’s why I became the Love Doctor, because I believe everyone deserves love. My first responsibility is to heal your hope so you believe that love is inevitable, and then give you the strategy that will empower you to call in your magnificent love when you are ready.

Is that what you want? Then let’s talk.

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Dr. Aesha

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