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We hate spam as much as you do!

We’re at the end of the first month of the year. How are your #relationshipgoals and resolutions coming along?

I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed and even discouraged about ever meeting the man of your dreams. You may feel like, “Are there even any good men who desire commitment out there?” That’s why I’m put together my new luxury retreat, Be Found, so I can give you the inspiration, transformation and information you need to defy the odds and attract a quality man who is worthy of you.

I’ll be sharing the same information my successful clients used who are now living the dream with a man who has his life together and is a true partner, provider, and protector.

One of my favorite stories is from *Karen. A divorced, single mom of 2, Karen was over 40, overworked in her demanding career and life, and on the verge of giving up on ever meeting a man who was worthy of her. She’d only been on 3 dates in 10 years and there were all truck driver types: men with potential, but who just didn’t fit the vision Karen had for her life.

When she started coaching with me, she was using online dating, but she had a hard time believing that there were men who would respect her Christian values to be celibate until marriage. She didn’t feel like she  even had time to date because she was taking care of her elderly parents, volunteering at her church, and working multiple jobs.

One year later, after using my amazingly supportive coaching system, she was married to a man with an MD, multiple PhDs, who absolutely adores her.

Here’s Karen in her own words:

“Dr. Aesha, you were a Godsend and an answer to prayer. I went from 3 dates in 10 years to more than I could count in months. The biggest advantage and gain was the personal growth I experienced. It was less about finding a husband and more about finding me. When I found her, the true me, the me that was buried and suffocating under the needs and demands of others, I became irresistible to men. I had more dates than I can count. I had my pick and learned how to handle myself, including living out my priorities and values. When I met the man I went on to marry he proposed in 6 months! 

As a single parent with a child starting college, it was not the best time economically to invest into coaching. However, when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will find a way. If my family needed something I would have gone out of my way to make it happen. Why would I treat my future as any less of a priority? Time was also a premium. I was a single mom working full time, ran a business, lead 4.5 ministries at church (don’t ask), and took care of an aging in parent with Alzheimer’s. I had NO time. The truth is, we make time for what we deem a priority. When I made my life a priority, things changed. I changed. My life changed.

The thing is none of those things and pressures changed until I did. If you are waiting for things to change before you live your life you will be waiting until the grave. I recently read a meme that summed it all up – life doesn’t have a remote control. Get up and change it yourself.

Not only did your coaching help me attract the man of my dreams, but I also left my full time job and am totally self-employed and have contracts with two different government agencies. I am writing a second book. I took three honeymoons in 7 weeks, and I am currently working from home in front of my fireplace until we get our new, at-home loft office space furnished.Yeah… just a few changes. You were the catalyst.”

Karen got married 14 months after she began coaching with me! You could be my next success story. I’m going to be teaching the exact strategies Karen used at my luxury retreat in Los Angeles, CA June 23-25. You don’t want to miss it! There are only 50 spaces, and we’re 1/3 sold out already.

Let’s have a conversation to see if this event is for you. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation: http://AeshaOnline.YouCanBook.Me