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Parenting Isn't For Wimps

By: Aesha Adams Roberts

I glanced over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of them. My son and daughter looked angelic in the back seat of the car as we drove to church. My mind flashed back to the days when my husband and I prayed every night that we would conceive right after I had a miscarriage.  We asked God for a boy and a girl and prayed for them by name.  We were even so bold (and naive) to ask for fraternal twins! My children are living, breathing, answers to prayer and I love them more than I could have ever imagined were possible. 

God knew what He was doing by giving them to us one at a time, though, because parenting isn't for wimps! I'm so over perfectionism and trying to be Super Mom, so I'll be honest. 

Somewhere between waking up, making breakfast, chasing my 1 -year-old so I can put on his clothes, answering 42 questions from my 4-year-old (Mom, why do we have mouths? Why do we have necks? Why is there a sky? Why are leaves green . . .) wiping up poo, fixing lunch, taking walks to the park, keeping my son from digging in the garbage, calling the plumber because he flushed a toy down the toilet, answering 17 more questions, breaking up a fight, scrubbing the crayon scribbles off the wall, fixing dinner, taking baths, and getting them ready for bed, I wonder: I know they grow up fast, but am I really supposed to enjoy every minute?  And if I don't, does that make me a bad mom?

I was facing these parenting challenges recently and God so sweetly spoke to me. He said, "Relax, and enjoy the process."  I think I understand. As parents, we may not enjoy every minute of every day. But we can enjoy the process of  connecting with our kids, grooming them for success, and watching them grow.  

Parenting isn't for wimps. It takes creativity, support, grace, and I believe, supernatural strength from God! Don't get weary in doing well. You have everything it takes to do it and you're not alone!





Tell me, what's your greatest challenge as a parent?  I'm listening!