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One of the top questions I’m asked by super-successful Black women who are frustrated because they can’t seem to meet a man who is worthy of them is this: “Is Black Love Dead?”

If you watched President Obama’s farewell address last night, you’d say that Black Love is alive! You witnessed his moving tribute to his wife, Michelle. It brought him to tears as he called her by her full name (you know a man loves you by the way he says your name) and thanked her in front of the whole world for 25 years of marriage, for being his best friend and the mother of his children, and for being the dopest First Lady of the United States ever to walk the Earth (my interpretation of what he said, lol)

The internet went crazy! I saw posts by men and women who confessed that they cried big ‘ole ugly tears at that moment. Here’s what the guys said:

I want what President Obama has with Michelle.
I think I’m gonna stay single until I find that…
Just sayin

I LOVE MY WIFE! But I must say after seeing how My President admired his wife, mother of his children, and his BEST friend I’m inspired to work to be a better husband, father and best friend! Man, my heart is really pounding right now!
I’m a blessed man

I see women posting #relationshipgoals all the time and none of them look like this. I will miss Michelle…and I will miss the peep hole view into this relationship.  A man in love with his woman…and a woman confident in that love to truly be herself! I tip my hat to the classiest couple to grace the Whitehouse. God bless you both.

Whether you agree with his policies or not, you have to admit President Obama and Michelle have been a shining example of Black Love.

You want what they have.

Someone to look at you adoringly…

…To say your full name with passion, respect and care.

…To honor your commitment in front of the whole world.

…To value the contributions you make to the relationship.

…To be confident in his own abilities and proud of yours.

…To create a powerful family legacy you’ll leave on the earth long after your work here is done.

But the Obamas are leaving. And for many, so is your hope in Black Love.

The next administration has demonstrated they don’t care about us. And the world keeps telling us that if you’re a highly educated Black woman, your chances are slim to none of meeting a life partner.

  • Statistics say that by 2020, 60% of sistas in Atlanta will not get married. 
  • Your favorite TV shows (Being Mary Jane, *cough cough*) depict professional Black women as incapable of keeping a healthy relationship
  • The media sensationalizes segments of Black men saying they don’t want to date or marry Black women
  • Your own experiences in dating make you feel like no one is serious and interested in real love and commitment.

And that’s not ok with me.

As The Black Love Matchmaker and dating coach for smart, successful sistas, I’ve committed my life’s work to helping you defy the odds and attract a good man who shares your values and who will commit to you, for life.I’ve met & married my husband in 11 short months, and I’ve helped my clients do the same.

I’m putting together a very special video series on The State Of Black Love, and why now, more than ever, we need to push back on the forces trying to destroy our hope and focus on building healthy relationships that last! I’ll also share what you’re going to need to  achieve your #RelationshipGoals.

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Dr. Aesha