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Are You Smart, Successful, But Still Single?!

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Secrets, Sense and Courage to Find Mr. Right!

Secrets, Sense and Courage to Find Mr. Right!
 Finally, here’s how to meet, date & marry the man of your dreams in 12 months or less

Dear sisters, 

Imagine what could happen if you knew the secrets to meeting and marrying the man of your dreams?

If you’re an attractive, talented, successful single woman looking for Mr. Right, one thing is certain. You’ve asked yourself: If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?

Are you . . .

  • Tired of wasting time with men who won’t make a commitment to you?
  • Frustrated with the dating scene in your town?
  • Scared to date again because the last “Dream Man” turned out to be a nightmare?
  • Ready for marriage but don’t know what it takes to get there?
  • Not willing to throw yourself at a man just to get his attention?
  • Confused by all the well-meaning advice from your family and friends?

I know exactly how you feel. Before I got married, I was struggling in the exact same way. Sure, I figured out how to get a date, and I even had a few serious relationships. But trying to figure out what it takes to meet, date, and marry the man of my dreams on my own resulted in a broken engagement and a broken heart.

So I set out on a quest to find out what I needed to do to get ready for marriage and how I could meet the man of my dreams. I went to workshops, talked to my engaged girlfriends (all 7 of them), and read books. They all claimed that if I followed their rules I would know how to find my dream man and that I’d be ready for my life with him. I must admit-some of what I learned was helpful, but I had to sift through a lot of rules, theories and opinions before I found something that worked.

I finally figured it out, and I married my husband 11 months after we met.



But figuring it out wasn’t easy, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

I’ll show you the secrets of attraction to help you be more successful with men and dating – and you don’t have to be a size 6 to do it…

I’ve talked to, coached and mentored single women through the years. One thing they all have in common is they are confused about what it takes to marry their dream man. That’s why I put all I’ve learned in a book called “Can I Help a Sister Out: How to Meet and Marry the Man of Your Dreams.” Think of it as your manual to finding the love of your life.


Here are some examples of what you will learn:

  • Dangerous “myths about marriage” that keep most women single and how to avoid them.
  • How to uncover the secrets every engaged woman knows about how to get a man to propose.
  • The signs a man is ready to commit to a relationship (and when you should quit the relationship if he’s not).
  • Ancient secrets of attraction that make you an irresistible woman.
  • How to quickly tell the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong-even when he’s lying to you!
  • How to make dating more fun and less stressful.
  • What men really think about the women they sleep with.
  • How to avoid a bad date.
  • What to do if you are always a bridesmaid and never a bride.
  • Which one of your girlfriends you can really trust to talk about your relationship

…and MUCH, much more.

Listen to the feedback from some of the readers of Can I Help a Sister Out:How to Meet and Marry the Man of Your Dreams


“I just wanted you to be one of the first to know I got engaged last night. We’re getting married in 2 months!” 

—Tiffany D. Johnson (Married, December 7, 2012

“Before reading your book, I had been married two times for a total of almost 22 years and have been divorced for 7 years. I had not even considered dating again because I did not have a road map or a sister/mentor to guide me; I was unwilling to take a risk of repeating my past relationship and marriage failures.

I wept as I read your book as I realized exactly WHAT mistakes I made that led to failure in all my romantic relationships AND what I could actively do, not only to avoid those pitfalls, but move ahead confidently. Just ONE bit of wisdom from your book turned the lights on! The pile of the nuggets of wisdom that filled the pages kept turning up the wattage!

I cannot WAIT to participate in the “Sister Secrets Live Conference Call” and see an even more powerful impact in my life and relationships and put the fun back into dating!”

Joy Randall

“Aesha you are wise beyond your years. I hope women who want to learn about men and not just scratch the surface will grab a cup of coffee or tea and your book!”
Sheila Bayne

“Thanks for all you are doing for single women like me. You are amazing!”
Mary Higgs

“I’m learning more and more each day about me and about life and dating (which by the way, used to be taboo). Don’t know how we ever got to know anyone without it. Anyway, keep spreading your wisdom, we need it! I thank God for you! Even at 40+ I’m learning something from you! Thanks!”
Tonya Adair

“Hip-Hop and Rap paint such a negative image about our men and women, I am proud to see the positive direction you and RJ have taken to let the younger generation know that there are beautiful relationships amongst African American men and women.
A Kay Gossett Roberts

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