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We hate spam as much as you do!

(This post is different than what you’re probably used to, so please read it to the end)

I just read a post by a so-called (male) relationship expert telling women that it was better to stay single than to use online dating, meet the wrong man, and end up in the wrong relationship.

He offered no solutions or alternatives.

He just regurgitated the same stale, manipulative advice successful, single women have been hearing since Methuselah was a baby:


Wait for the Lord to send you a man (cuz you’ve got to prove your worthy enough first)

Wait for him to approach you (cuz giving eye-contact or flirting makes you thirsty or desperate)

Wait for him to bring up “The Talk” (cuz telling him what you want in a relationship makes you pushy)

Wait 90 days before you sleep with him (cuz women can’t be trusted to have grown folks conversations about their sexuality and their boundaries)

This is dangerous advice because you end up waiting your life away until you WAKE UP one morning to discover you’re still single (and you don’t want to be). 

My client Karolyn spent most of her 30’s waiting…and nobody ever came. She made the DECISION to attend my Be Found Retreat last year  and is now in the best relationship of her life.

I could tell you her story.

But she wanted to share it in her own words.

CLICK to listen:

Too much is at stake  for you to keep saying “next time.”

Your joy.
Your peace.
Your bliss.
Your fulfillment.
Your passion.
Your MAN.

Karolyn understood that and her relationship status change because she decided that staying single was unacceptable to her.
Then she backed up that intention with actions–coming to the Be Found retreat.

I’m inviting you to make the same powerful choice.

Only 5 spots remain.

If you’re reading this, you are supposed to be there.


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3. We’ll talk about your top dating challenge and how my signature Be Found Dating Methodology will give you the tools to eliminate frustration, stop dating, and start positioning yourself to be found!

There’s no pitch. You’ll just know if attending my live retreat is for you or not.

Sound good?


Dr. Aesha

P.S. Give yourself this gift, Aesha. The stress of waiting for life to change is costing you your life, your health, your wealth and your relationships. I can help you. Will you let me?