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We hate spam as much as you do!

Quick question: How would you handle these two common relationship problems? (Be honest and give me your blink answer!)

1) The man you just started dating suggests you come over for the third date so he can cook for you.
You don’t feel comfortable with that yet, but he keeps insisting you come.

2) Your man embarrasses you at a work function and when you bring it up to him, he withdraws, shuts down or blows up at you.

I wonder if you’d make these communication mistakes that I see Strong Black Women make every day. 

Mistake #1: You become icy cold. You shut down and pretend like you’re fine when you know you’re not.
You just don’t say anything and stuff your feelings down, maybe with a glass of wine, some ice cream or by binge watching Real House Wives of Atlanta.

Mistake #2: You tell him off! (Insert hands on hips and neck rolls here). Tears, curse words, and red hot anger flow out of you like hot lava.
The problem doesn’t get solved and you feel even further away from your partner.

Does this sound like you, {!firstname_fix}? If so, you’re stuck in a crazy cycle of dysfunctional communication and if you don’t fix this now
you’ll either shipwreck your relationships on the icebergs of your repressed resentment or you’ll burn up the connection with your man with your fiery anger.

Before I share the solution, I want you to listen to how my client, Jen, learned a brand new way to communicate.
She discovered that making this change caused a whole different kind of man to show up in her life and now…well you just have to listen to her story: (watch the video here or click the photo below)

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Dr. Aesha

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