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Straight Outta His Mouth: 3 Little Know Commitment Fears Men Have & What To Do About It

By: Dr. Aesha

Men often share their deepest, darkest fears about love with me. I’ve listened to them tell me how they’ve cried themselves to sleep at night, why they go back to an ex (even after she’s hurt them), instead of choosing the woman who loves them unconditionally, and how frustrated they are that they can’t find a wife.

If you’re a single sister looking for a relationship, it’s important that you understand the commitment fears many men struggle with so that you can decide:

  1. If his fear is something you can help him over come or,
  2. If  you should Walk away from the relationship.

Fear #1: I’m not loveable

Now a man isn’t going to come right out and say this. But if he struggles with making decisions, struggles with saying I love you, has mood swings, or is insecure and needs constant validation from you, he may have a fundamental belief that he is not good enough. He’ll often reject you before you reject him!

He may be the quintessential “nice guy”: quiet, giving and helpful. It’s because he’s looking for acceptance and love by doing these things for you. He feels like a “mess” and unworthy of the love you give. He’ll often go back to an ex who mistreated him before he’ll stay with a woman who will commit to him.

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