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We just wrapped up my inaugural live luxury retreat for smart, successful single Black women, Be Found: How To Properly Position & Prepare Yourself So Love Can Find You. The room was packed with sistas from DC, New York, Atlanta, the Carolinas, Seattle, Ohio and Southern California, and everyone experienced a dramatic transformation as they learned exactly how successful Black women can get and keep a man faster than you thought possible.

Unlike other seminars for single women, Be Found is an experience designed to empower you by not just transforming your romantic relationships, but also by helping you to create a life that’s poppin’ so that you’re not just successful, but you’re happy! This means that we did inner work and outer work so that women had the confidence to not just slay in their careers, but also be seen as wifey by the right man.

On day one, our VIP attendees were treated to a 30-minute chair massage from Melt on Demand, an amazing new app which brings trained massage therapists right into your home, office or hotel room. We all melted like butter and everyone gathered in a gorgeous luxury home for our Red Heels Mixer. We gave each other those “The Color Purple” type hugs, because it was the first time we were meeting in person! And ya’ll, the sistas came dressed to impressed, honey! We laughed, enjoyed homemade red velvet cupcakes by Pretty Simple Cakes that were better than your grandmama’s recipe (I’m NOT kidding!), and wrapped up the night with some fun photo booth photos!  During the party we played games and did exercises that created bonds of sisterhood so that the women would walk away with at least one sister-friend who would provide the support system they needed to go through the dating process. The ladies learned that it really does “take a village” to have a successful relationship.




The second day was our workshop intensives. In the first session, the ladies learned that they have a greater chance of getting married than they thought possible, because 88% of Black men desire a Black wife. They needed to know how to create their own successful #BlackLove story and it began by divorcing the story they’ve been telling themselves about why they were still single. In order to be found, you have to be willing to be seen, be heard and be loved (deeply!) Through self-exploration, honesty and vulnerability, we shattered the obstacles in their heart that have been standing in the way of meeting great men and making their relationships last. The women wept at their seats and embraced each other as they broke free from the Strong Black Woman Syndrome and healed the little Black girl within who told them that it was too scary to open their hearts to love. Real transformation took place!


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The sistas expressed how this exercise set them free and broke generational curses that were weighing them down. They felt lighter and were ready to sing Beyonce’s FREEDOM!!!  As a result, they were able to process the rest of the trainings with confidence and clarity.

Come back tomorrow to hear how the women learned how to turn on their attraction factor and flirt without feeling desperate or thirsty (and some women put what they learned into practice later that evening and got a DATE!!! YASSSSS!!!!)