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Wedding guests toasting bride and groom

Surviving Wedding Season If You're Single

By: Dr. Aesha

I was newly single after an on-again, off-again relationship with my ex-fiance. After our latest breakup, I got the news that another one of my friends was getting married! This was the seventh engagement in a few short months, and all of the couples asked me to sing at their weddings. All of them. 

I love weddings and I loved my friends. But can I keep it real? It was painful watching each of those happy brides walk down the aisle while I serenaded her because my own love life was jacked up! My envy drove me back into the arms of my ex because I figured having somebody was better than having nobody.

When you're longing for a fulfilling relationship, going to a wedding while single can just be a reminder that you haven't found anyone yet. And, if you're around family & friends, THEY can constantly remind you that you haven't found anyone yet. 

Can you relate you to that? 

If you can relate, let me give you a quick guide to surviving wedding season if you're single.  

1)  Don't go alone . . .

But don't feel pressured to bring a date. Grab another single friend and make it fun! 

2) Prepare an answer in advance–

When people ask you, "Why are you still single," just tell them, "I'm skipping my first divorce" (or 2nd or 3rd, etc., etc.). That'll hush them up 🙂 

3) Pay it forward–

The desire you have to be in a happy, healthy marriage is God’s sign to you that it will happen. Now it’s up to you to take action & make better choices. You can start by making it a point to be a blessing to the new couple. Consider it an investment into your own future happiness. 

3) Just say no

Don't feel obligated to attend every wedding this summer! Send a gift or your prayers and blessings! Attending wedding after wedding can be tough, so if you've had enough, that's ok too. 

What are you best tips for surviving wedding season? Share below!