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Do you feel like asking the man you’re dating when he’s going to commit to you is pressuring him to do something he doesn’t want to do? Do you “go along to get along,” even though you secretly fear he’s wasting your time and won’t ever commit? How can you avoid the frustration and fear that comes when a man drags his feet to commit? And are there any signs you can use to protect yourself from being in this position again?

If you’ve been dating a man for several months or even years without him sealing the deal, I want you to know you are playing a dangerous game with your life. I know you don’t want to nag him, but you’ll waste years of your life trying to convince yourself you don’t need commitment when you know in your heart you really want one.

So here are the 5 words you need to listen for that will tell you he’s about to waste your time:

“I’m enjoying your company but…”

I don’t care if this man is treating you like a girlfriend,  calls you daily,  introduces you to his friends and family. I don’t care if he even calls you his “future.” If you ask “what are we?” and he says he likes spending time with you but doesn’t like labels and just wants to go with the flow, he’s giving you a disclaimer  so he can cover his behind when you find out he’s seeing someone else. His disclaimer may sound something like, Hey, I never said we were a couple! or “I’m just not ready for anything serious.” He feels like his half-truth is enough to continue getting relationship privileges without any of the responsibilities and here’s why: because you accept the crumbs he’s giving you, while pretending you don’t want the whole cake.

In this relationship scenario, he’s not telling the whole truth because there are details about his life he’s NOT sharing with you. But he’s not the only one lying. You’re lying to yourself each time you take him back and you tell yourself you’re just having fun with him. Casual dating only works when both people are upfront with each other about the other people their seeing. If you want commitment don’t act like you don’t!

I want to empower you to get the commitment you want with the RIGHT man who makes you feel safe, secure and like you’re the only woman for him (yes, there are men out there who are serious about relationships but you can’t even see them because you don’t know a few simple things). That’s why I put
together something really special for you: A FREE video masterclass that will help you ask the right questions, attract and choose the right guy, and communicate with him in a way that makes him want to meet your needs.

But before I release it, I want to know: What’s been your greatest challenge with dating men who won’t commit? Tell me below!