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Time Management Secrets From A Homeschooling Mom of 12

By: Aesha Adams-Roberts

When I was single and searching for the man of my dreams, I quickly learned that I needed to think like a wife if I was ever going to become one. I started hanging around married women who I admired and asking questions of them every chance I got.  This is one reason why I met and married my wonderful husband in just 11 short months. 

It's a basic principle of success.  Find other people who have what you want and do what they do!  

I forgot this principle when I walked away from my career as a college professor to stay at home with my kids.  It wasn't long before overwhelm, frustration and exhaustion overtook me. For some reason, the time management skills I developed in my career did not translate to managing a home and children. Time management concepts like "eating frogs" and "biting elephants" didn't work for me. I couldn't figure out how to squeeze a pooping, crying, bouncing, playing, unpredictable baby into neat little boxes on a calendar. Prioritizing a "to-do" list didn't help either–which is the higher priority? Feeding the kids, grocery shopping so the family can eat, or getting some sleep?  

Enter Charlotte Siems, homeschooling mother of 12 and expert on a happy home and enjoying life as mom. Charlotte has become a source of peace and wisdom for me because she's been there, done that. She's been happily married for 30 years and most importantly to me, doesn't have the "I'm a perfect super mommy" syndrome. She makes it look easy, but isn't afraid to share her mistakes. 

I recently took a 2-hour teleclass with Charlotte on time management for busy women (BIG TIP: succeeding at dating, marriage, and parenting requires skill. Skill can be learned!) There's no way to share everything I learned in this article, but because so many of you told me that your greatest challenge is time manangement, I want to share 5 secrets I learned from Charlotte.  

Here are 5 time management secrets I learned from Charlotte Siems, mom of 12:

1) Define what you want your life to look like: Give yourself permission to imagine  what a "good day" looks like. What's important to me isn't necessarily important to you so don't compare yourself to anyone else.  

2) Steward your energy, not just your time: For example, if you know you have lots of appointments on Tuesday, make dinner in the crockpot or order pizza so you don't have to slave over a hot stove when you're exhausted. 

3)  Attitude is everything:  Your attitude is made up of your thoughts. Thinking, "I have too much to do. I'm never going to get it all done" creates overwhelm. Thoughts like, "I have all the time and energy I need" tells your brain to find ways to make it happen!  Choose your thoughts wisely. 

4) Create routines and systems for everything from laundry, meal-planning, chores and more! Routines help everyone in the house know what to expect. For example, Charlotte doesn't cook dinner on Sunday nights. Her family knows to expect to eat leftovers (and if someone forgets all Charlotte has to say is, "it's Sunday!") Systems keep you from having to reinvent the wheel every day. Both help you get more done in less time.  

5) Don't feel guilty about "me-time": Give yourself credit. You get a lot done every day and you are worthy of having time for yourself. Depending on the season of life you're in and whether you have small kids at home, "me-time" can be as simple as 15 guilt-free minutes per day on Pinterest or as elaborate as having lunch with friends. 

One of the biggest secrets about time management I learned from Charlotte is that perfection is not required (thank God!!)

Question: What do you think about Charlotte's time management secrets for busy women? Please share below 🙂