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If you don’t have a problem meeting men but you can’t seem to keep one long enough to make into a serious relationship, I want you to stop what you’re doing and take the next 90 seconds to read this very carefully!

Despite what you’ve been taught to believe by all the gurus out there, the issue isn’t because you’re too independent and successful and men don’t know what to do with you.

And it sure ain’t because there aren’t any good men out there even though your Girls’ Night Out conversations make you feel like all the good ones are taken.

The real problem is…

You haven’t mastered the skill of influence. And influence is all about communication. 

The BIGGEST communication breakdown I’ve personally helped my clients overcome so that they could finally enjoy the passionate, exciting, fulfilling relationship their heart was longing for, was what I call the Yanny vs Laurel Communication Syndrome. 

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last 24 hours, then you know that the Yanny vs Laurel debate is tearing the internet apart. There’s a recording of someone reading the word “Laurel” but some folks are hearing Yanny?!!!


The difference I hear in Yanny vs Laurel is frequency, focus, and perspective. In other words, what you’re EXPECTING to hear shapes what you actually hear.

The first time I listened, I actually heard Yanny in the high tones…then when I looked at the word Laurel and focused on it while I silently in my mind, suddenly, all I could hear was Laurel…Laurel…Laurel…in the low tones.

What does this have to do with why you can’t keep a man (stay with me, I’m going somewhere)…

When you’re communicating with a man, what frequencies are you focusing on? What are thinking about about? What background noise of fears, beliefs, emotions are filtering what you hear? What are you EXPECTING to hear?
Let’s see if you have this problem by looking at  3 common dating scenarios:

Scenario #1

If he texts you “send me a pic,” do you get angry and say to yourself, “Why? He must only want to play games! I’m blocking him.”

Then you’re hearing “Yanny” when he says “Laurel.”

Scenario #2

Or…if he calls and asks you for a Friday night date and it goes something like this…

Him: Do you like ice cream?
You: Yes (emphatically!!!!)
Him: Ok, let’s meet for ice cream at 8.
You: ::pause::
You: Are there plans for dinner?
Him: Uhhhh. Ummm.
You: No problem, ice cream is fine.
Him: I don’t want you to think I’m cheap.
You: Too late.

You heard “Yanny” when he said “Laurel.”


Scenario #3

If your partner says: “I disagree with you.”
And you hear: “I don’t love you. You are wrong!”

Then you heard “Yanny” when he said “Laurel.”

The disconnect can make you shut down, him back off, or worse yet, create a BLOW UP that causes an unnecessary break up.

Do you struggle with this unstated expectations that create communication problem, {!firstname_fix}?

Come over to my Facebook page and tell me about it (PLUS you can hear the Yanny vs Laurel audio yourself). I’ll give you powerful advice that will give you the first steps to a real relationship that lasts.

I’m here for you.


Dr. Aesha

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